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About Pawfit Dog Training

Learn more about Pawfit Dog Training and how we can help you and your furry friend.

With over 6 years of experience with and a passion for dogs, we are dedicated to providing top-quality training services.

Our Services

Our Dog Training Services can be held in-person or online and serve to help remedy common behaviours like your dog pulling on the lead, refusing to come back when called, counter surfing, jumping up, play biting and many more.

Training your puppy on day 1 is the best way to avoid unwanted behaviours developing so Pawfit offers a Puppy Package to cover all of the bases in raising a happy, well behaved and well understood dog. As well as make training fun and manageable for their new pawrent.

a dog trainer in a black hoodie and three dogs are standing in the grass in Blackrock parka dog trainer in a black hoodie and three dogs are standing in the grass in Blackrock park

Pawfit Dog Training is a professional dog training business founded by Emma Dungan.

With over 6 years of experience in the pet industry, a Nationwide Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year award and a passion for helping dogs and their owners, Emma offers a professional in-person training experience to puppy and dog owners in South Dublin.

She also provides remote training sessions via video call for dog owners worldwide.



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IMDT Resource Guarding Course

IMDT Perfect Puppy Course

IMDT Loose Lead Masterclass

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IMDT 2 Day Career as a Dog Trainer

IMDT 4 Day Practical Instructor

IMDT Canine Adolescence

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IMDT Level 4 Canine Training & Behaviour Consultations

Contact Us

Thank you for considering Pawfit as your training partner in nurturing a positive and fulfilling relationship with your canine companion. I am Emma Dungan, a skilled Dog Trainer dedicated to helping you and your dog achieve your unique training goals.

I understand that every dog is exceptional, and I'm here to provide the expertise and guidance you need for a successful training journey.

Feel free to reach out to me using the form below. I'm dedicated to delivering effective, evidence-based training while putting your dog first and ensuring a delightful and enriching experience for both you and your fluffy pal.

Here's to a training journey of fun, growth and learning with your dog. I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Emma Dungan

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